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Metal Fabrication

Specialized components often require custom metal fabrication, and we offer a range of metal fabrication services for welding, bending, and cutting steel. It’s a value-added process that we offer as part of our complete forging and fabrication services.

Using specialized machinery to roll, press, cut, and bend the metal to your specific shapes. Additional specialist band saws and laser cutting equipment may be used to shape the metal to perfect dimensions. Once all the parts are made, they’re then welded together to form the finished item. Finishing touches such as sandblasting, painting, plating, or polishing can be added if required.

Welding involves fusing two pieces of metal together at temperatures that don’t melt the base metal and can be used for joining pipes, brackets, extension spindles, and more.

We’re also able to bend and cut components to sizes and shapes required for the end product.

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