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Upset Forging
Upset forging, also known as hot heading, is a process by which the cross-sectional size of a bar is increased, either at an end or at some point along its length.
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Open-Die Forging
Open Die Forging, also referred to as smith forging, blacksmith forging, hand forging, and flat-die forging, is generally performed without special tooling.
Closed-Die Forging
With forging equipments from 300t to 2,500t, we can supply custom services for different material forging components with max. weight 50kgs.
Manufacturing Capability
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We specialize in CNC and manual custom machining.

We are able to machine a wide variety of materials from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and plastics.

Coatings are often applied to products for a variety of reasons including protecting products against corrosion & rust, durability, and also for aesthetics.
CNC Welding
10 ABB robot arms are equipped to better meet our customer's requirements.
In-house testing means we are able to issue you with a 3.1, which is a declaration that the components supplied are in compliance with the requirements of the order.
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Heat Treatment
Heat treatments are performed on steel in order to harden it to the required grade.
Metal Fabrication
Using specialized machinery to roll, press, cut, and bend the metal to your specific shapes.
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